Do you ever just wake up... and wonder "what... the hell is going on?" Well, if you haven't, then lucky you. But lately this semester has been stomping on my life, in a lot of aspects. I think a part of it is growing pains and realizing things that I was blind to before, whether that's love or plain ignorance. Whatever it is, it's definitely hard to pick myself up sometimes. My 20 minute walks to class leave room for my mind to wander, which isn't always the best thing. But I remember Drake telling me one day not to think about it too much... too much... too much. Great guy. Lol just kidding. My point is, life is getting me down, but it also goes on. I just have to remember to get back on my feet because peace within yourself is more valuable than any A on an exam or any relationship. 

    This "Quick Fix" playlist was made by one of my best friends, cousin, and one of the coolest people I know. He goes by Plan A. He is an up and coming DJ in the DMV area waiting to share his love of music with every person he can reach. He has a couple podcasts which he uses as a platform connect more music lovers and gives people a chance to know who he really is. Be on the lookout for this guy as his career begins to bloom. Check him out on soundcloud!

     Hopefully this playlist helps you get through your difficult days just as much as it's helped me. Enjoy!