Finding a good place to go on a date plays an important role in keeping your relationship exciting. Whether it's going out in town or going out to eat, here are some cool places to check out...

1. The National Gallery of Art in D.C. is a great place to get away and immerse yourself in fine art... for free. The gallery has many beautiful exhibits and you and your date can easily spend an entire day getting lost in the experience while also getting a chance to learn about each other's artistic side.

2. Fogo de Chao is a MUST for a birthday or anniversary with your boo. This 4-Star restaurant will have you amazed by the impeccable food and the amazing atmosphere. This place will have you and your date in awe. If you are a fan of fine dining this is a place to go.


3. The Daily Grill is a small restaurant in Georgetown, but don't let the outside fool you. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted at the door by a host who will make you feel like he has been waiting for you and your date's arrival all day. With that being said, if you want to feel like royalty have lunch here one day.

4. The Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C. is a wonderful place to go for a fun spring date. Not only are the trees scenic, but they give the date a romantic feel. This yearly festival is a great place to take pictures and have an unforgettable day with that special person. 

5. Have you ever wondered what it's like when celebrities go to the movies? No? Well iPic Movie Theater will definitely make you feel like a superstar. With a selection of gourmet food and an atmosphere that makes you think you are at a movie premiere in Hollywood, you will never want to go to another theater.  

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