This Saturday, Novice Magazine and Filthy Rich Kids hosted an art show in NW DC featuring the artists Merimart, Saadiq Tafari, TheTrueAmazing, OGK, Taryn and Abidoe. Hipsters from all corners of the DMV found their way to the art show. It was definitely "the move" on that beautiful Saturday. From beginning to end, the show was filled with great energy, cool vibes, good music, and not to mention live art. Some artists like Merimart and Saadiq Tafari casually threw their talents on canvas while crowds surrounded them, creating masterpieces. Graphic designer, TheTrueAmazing, took a more innovative approach and displayed his photoshop work on a t.v. monitor, turning normal photographs into art right before the audience's eyes. 

      The art show was a great opportunity for art enthusiasts to see what's popping with up and coming DMV artists. It was also a peek into today's urban fashion trends as the attendees were dressed in their coolest outfits. Some people even peeked the interest of photographers from the area. So not only was it an Art Show, but it also became a youth collective and a way for people to make connections. 


     Time's are changing, and in the midst of today's creative revolution of music artists, photographers, and artists, "In the Mix" brought the art scene back on the map. As people walked around the gallery, I could see the amazement and inspiration that emerged on their faces. I had fun meeting new people and placing myself in a different social bubble. As the night drew to a close, people were asking when the next art show would be. I personally can't wait, and be on the lookout for my artwork at the next show. Stay tuned to