Sooo there are A LOT of new fashion trends for the summer in Vogue like mix-match patterns, khaki, and jumpsuits. These are interesting from the runway or in magazines, but I personally enjoy a more street interpretation of summer-wear. I'm a big fan of jerseys and matching tops and bottoms. I also LOVE hats for the spring and summer. They're an easy way to turn your out-fit up a few notches, and it's nice wow factor.

       We all know that designer clothes have a hefty price tag that no one has time for, so here are some of my favorite looks that I will be rocking in the summer. I've included some designer items but only for the look itself and inspiration. Here are some ideas, so stay woke, and BE FLY.

At Dior, Pucci and Ralph Lauren all-in-ones and jumpsuits were given a couture edge with accessories such as leather belts, scarves and statement jewelry, as well as extra long zips and straps with oversized buttons.
— Vogue 2015