Just when we thought Rihanna could not slay our lives any more... think again my friends. On top of being the new creative director for Puma, the reigning Queen of all things social media, and our generation's biggest fashion icon, she is now named the FIRST African American face of Dior. 

     The Dior campaign is called "Secret Garden IV." The creative direction comes from photographer, Steven Klein, and RiRi's personal stylist Mel Ottenberg. And of course the photoshoot was in Palace of Versailles since nothing says Rihanna like a royal setting. As you can see, Rihanna's photos are immaculate. The editing is edgy and mysterious, somewhat Kimye Balmain Paris-esque. 

Injecting her own level of personality to the campaign, she follows in the footsteps of fellow high-wattage Dior stars, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron and Natalie Portman.
— Highsnobiety 2015

     I don't know about you guys, but I'm really excited to see what this campaign is all about. It was not only a big move for Rihanna but an even bigger move for Dior as they have today's "It" girl representing their brand. We all know anything Rihanna touches turns to gold... so let's see how She turns Dior up.

Check out the teaser video for the Fall/Winter 15 campaign. It  features some of Rihanna's new songs "Only If for a Night" off of her upcoming album.