"Next Level" replies Matt McGhee when I asked how he would describe his style of music. This music artist from PG county Maryland brings a new sound to the D.C. area music scene. His name is Matt McGhee, and he's here to change the game. Being exposed to music at a young age allowed him to begin making music when he was only seven years old. HIs mom, who was a singer, showed him the ropes about recording music. He then took matters into his own hands and started recording by himself.

      I describe Matt McGhee's sound as "feel-good" hip-hop. He incorporates instrumentation along with his catchy beats, while having lyrics that people can relate to. I enjoy the fact that he combines a nice flow and a clever wordplay that makes you think. It's definitely different sound from many local artists.  

       I asked Mr.McGhee what his goal was in regards to his music. He said, "My goal is to just leave a long lasting legacy. I wanna be remembered forever for the impact I made in music and in the world." Not only is Matt McGhee a quality music artist but has great ambition, which I believe will take him very far. 

I think me and the people I work with are always tryna come up with new sounds and new ways to make s*** so we can set ourselves apart from not only the other local artists but so we can stand out on a larger scale.
— Matt McGhee

              Here's one of my favorite songs called "Pleasantville" by Matt McGhee. Visit his soundcloud: matt-mcghee. Enjoy!