If I ever had the opportunity to choose a person's wardrobe to love and to hold, and to cherish forever... it would be Micah Gianneli's. I found her one day on my explore page on Instagram, and it was love a first "like". Micah is a fashion blogger who destroys EVERYONE'S timeline's with every post. She is just sickening... and not to mention has stunningly gorgeous and unique look. I can't even call her disrespectful because she gives away a lot of her clothes on her website micahgianneli.com I mean that's damn near philanthropy... jk.


       Everyday she puts up a high-fashion pic of her designer outfit that snatches my edges in seconds. Rocking Balmain and Louboutins on the regular, she makes looking flawless look effortless. She is by far one of my favorite instagrammers, and hopefully one day I'll be half as fly as she is, which is why she gets the first spot on my "Slay Book." Micah Gianneli folks. 

I wanted to create looks based on my personal style while maintaining the... aesthetic of minimalism with an edge.
— micahgianneli.com