After surviving a day with a heat index of 103 degrees, yesterday evening I thought it would be cool to just chill and grab some ice cream outside of my suburban hometown. So I went into D.C. not too far from gallery place. I didn't have anywhere to be so why not explore my surroundings right? Anywho, after I walked a few blocks I noticed something different... it was a smell... no, an ora... actually there were just a bunch of rich people around me. As I kept walking, I noticed myself being surrounded by a seemingly never-ending conglomerate of designer stores. And not just any designer stores; I'm talking Louis Louis, Gucci Gucci, Fendi Fendi, Prada. It was wild. I wasn't just shocked at the fact that this area was filled with millionaires casually enjoying their tuesday evening, but I was more surprised at the concentration of wealth in this certain area.


       I felt like I didn't belong with my faux locs and crop top, but I was just happy to be there. People were staring because I obviously didn't abide by the unspoken dress code, yikes, but I carried on. It was a great little discovery day overall. It definitely made me more aware of demographics, but I didn't mind being an outsider for the day. After all, I got some pretty nice pics :) Moral of the story: stand out and stay woke. Stay tuned for more of my adventures with dreads.