This month, I decided to make a vision of mine come to life. I had a photoshoot with a few of my friends, who are some of the most inspiring black women I know. My Lauryn Hill drawing is my most asked about drawing, and I wanted to do more with it. I wanted to give a more visual representation of what the drawing meant to me. Since Lauryn is faceless, adding character and expression allowed the drawing to jump from my sketchbook to our bodies. 

             Although my drawing is on paper, I want it to be a movement and to also move people. In today's society, black women are not appreciated for the contributions they have given to the world. From the style to body shape, hair to facial features, we are not given the credit that we deserve. Black women come in all different shapes, sizes, and shades, and I wanted to express that in the way that my art can explain.

            Lauryn does not have a face because it being open to interpretation is important to me. When someone looks at the picture and asks me, "So, what does this mean?" I always tell them it means whatever you want it to. It's meaning lies in the eyes of the beholder. Often when I come home from a long day, I look at my poster and it automatically reflects the particular mood that I'm feeling. This drawing means more to me than it just being something that I did in my leisure time. It represents me and all black women.

         Keeping pent up emotions can be easier than you think with all the b.s. that's going on in today's world. It's important to just take a moment and reflect and be introspective, which is why I love Solange's album so much because it's all about being free and being proud of who you are. 

       Whether I'm feeling hopeful, melancholy, nostalgic, or ecstatic, this drawing moves with me through all of my hardships and triumphs. And that's what I want it to be for everyone who views it. I want this to be a movement, and I appreciate all of my friends who have helped me turn this vision into reality.

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