Sometimes life gets to a point where you just want to tune everything out and be in your own world. I often find myself in this situation walking miles from class to class on campus. When you go to such a big university, you see so many different faces everyday. It's pretty hard to not feel lost in this fishbowl of students all chasing the same thing. Growing pains... so fun right. 

        Luckily, I have a quick solution or distraction... or however you want to take it. This week's playlist is conveniently and appropriately titled, "I Can't Hear You." It's filled with sounds that will easily take your mind off whatever you're thinking. Whether you're doing your homework, running because you're late to class, or upset because you've had a sh** day, take the time to listen to these songs. Hopefully, you will enjoy them as much as I do. 

        Get away and vibe with Plan A's "I Can't Hear You" playlist. Don't forget to follow him on soundcloud!