This sketch is called "Let Go." I haven't drawn in a while, mostly because I'm still a little salty that I don't have room in my course schedule to take a formal art class. But I do miss how therapeutic it feels when I create something with my hands. Life has been full of drastic ups and downs lately, but I realize "that's just the wave" in the words of my close friend Kanye. There's no stopping, but sometimes the only option is to just close your eyes and let go. 

     Since photo realism is my favorite style, my drawing process is mostly a combination of studying and replicating images in my own style. For this drawing, I took a picture of my hands, edited them to black and white (so it's easier to decipher the contrast of the shadows and light areas), and sketched away. Sooo, I hope you enjoy! I definitely felt a release creating this. Always, always, always, remember to make time for the things you love.