I had the pleasure of interviewing W I S E, an artist/producer currently living in California. We know each other through a close mutual friend Trev aka "3" who is also an up and coming artist who will be dropping an album later in 2017. I got the chance to ask W I S E a few questions about his new project "When I've Seen Enough" which is available on Apple Music, so be sure to take a listen. He and 3 will also be opening for Quentin Miller, who is commonly known as one of Drake's ghost writers, on February 24th at The Airliner in Los Angeles.

Good shit! Check out our interview and download "When I've Seen Enough" on Apple Music! Check him out on IG @solthewise and on soundcloud!

Where did your name “ W I S E “ come from? 

My name is Solomon and my dad’s name is David. In the bible David has a son named Solomon who becomes to be an extremely wise king, so I wanted to create a name that stayed true to myself and who I am; therefore, W I S E . I like to take my time with my music and have it be something that stands out from the norm. Especially now a days in 2017. I’ve been and am trying to make “ wise decisions” with my music.

What’s the theme of your album?

“When I’ve Seen Enough” is about the relentless desire and envy of people in this new age to become a misrepresented image that our society portrays. I try to deliver this message through a story about what my life would be trying to obtain the corrupted destination of riches, fame, and lust that our generation pursues for daily. In this album I specifically go into detail about how relationships become spoiled through poor control of new found fame, influence, and money through snippets of my own misfortunate events in my life or one’s I’ve seen.

This album is about When I’ve Seen Enough of the fake, the bullshit, the snakey motives, the unnecessary flexing, the things you do behind your lovers back, etc. This album is a transitional journey into the next type of music I’ll be releasing. The music in the album changes from beginning to end where it starts with a calmer and hungry mood, to a more celebratory and confident sound. 

What’s the one thing you’re most proud of in your life? 

This is a hard question, cause there’s a lot of things I’m proud of, but I’d say of course the one thing I’m extremely proud of is the passionate support I get from my family and friends. I’ve had the pleasure of having people in my life that want me to do something that I love and keep me focused on being the best version of myself I can be. They not only make me a better artist and creative, but they make me a better person keeping me on check when necessary, and I love that. 

How do you want people to act when they listen to your music?

I think the dopest thing to me is when people have listened to my album and repeat the lines to me like they really have been listening. I like when people ask me when I’m going to release something next. It gets me motivated to keep on creating to stuff I already have sitting. 

How does your brand [ wise ] relate to your music? 

I really wanted to make a huge focus on my brand being that it merges with my music cohesively. I wanted to create a direct connection through music and fashion in an innovative way so [ wise ] is a direct extension of my music in the form of ready to wear apparel. When I’ve Seen Enough directly influenced the first sequence of designs I made for [ wise ] where I directly translated what I felt in a certain song off the album into my pieces.

I want to change the way people think about music and fashion together, and I came up with this idea through artist’s tour merchandise. Artist’s tour and sometimes don’t have the creative control to make their own merch. I wanted to take that specific aspect and blow it up to utilize for my own purpose. I created [ wise ] to be a branch of my brand. 

I see that the artist 3 (@trxx3) is on your album 3 times, what is it like recording with 3? 

Trevor (3) is one of the most talented singers I’ve ever heard. He got wasted one time and started singing in the stairway of my apartment complex back in Vegas in 2013. I went to check up on him and damn I was shocked. That instantly made me push him to pursue something in music. Originally we were going to release songs together, but then I moved to LA in 2015 and pursued my own music career with him being a huge help! 

Working with 3 is so different than any other artist. He is really poetic so he approaches the song in a different manner than most artists do. His writing capabilities is beyond I think what he even thinks it is, and he has a good way of telling a story. Recording with 3 overall is what you’d expect from Trevor, a chill session. He takes his time with his vocals and I respect that.  

JAYY is another artist I worked with and he’s from vegas too. I met JAYY( @theoneandonlyjayy) from some mutual friends from the brand I used to work for KNYEW (@knyew) in Las Vegas. He’s wild. He knows how to have a good time. He’s fun to record with and I respect the way he can record so quickly with precision. 

What’s the significance of your cover art? 

The cover art is done by Amber Park ( @_amberpark_) and it’s an interpretation of the statue “Fons Sapientiae” ( Statue of Wisdom) in Belgium. The river in the album cover represents the journey I talk about in the album, and the statue of wisdom is there to represent my presence in the journey you’re about to hear. 

What can we expect from you? 

I’m producing a lot now. A lot. So expect a lot of music coming from me produced by me. 

I’m also working with some notable artists on future tracks that I’ll be releasing soon!  I’m working on a new collection of clothing that’s never been done before. I’m calling this collection “ Sweet Rain” 


What’s the end goal for your brand? 

A successful touring artist and have a magnitude with [ wise ] where I can comfortably pop up shops at different cities around the world and share my movement. I want to be the first Asian American hip-hop phenomena performing in the English language, nothing foreign. I want MY damn name on a Jumbotron. Shit.