This past week, I was asked to paint a mural in the honors college building at school. I personally was honored to be asked to share my art, so of course I said yes!... But I didn't quite process the fact that I was going to have to paint a 6 foot adaptation of my Lauryn Hill drawing... and I've never picked up a paint brush in my life. Heh.

       It turned out to be pretty easy! You know what they say, "the biggest battle is the one in your head." Anywho, it took me about 4 hours to complete (so the "More Life" album three times through lol). 

       I'm glad I was asked to do this and step out of my comfort zone. It was the biggest piece I've ever done, and someone commissioned me to make another one. Soooo, it's lit! I'm definitely going to get my hands on some paintbrushes and 6 foot canvases more often! Thank you to the Black Honors Caucus for having me!