Hey fam, so it's been a while. A lot has been going on; I mean 6 planets are in retrograde AM I RIGHT?? Heh. Anywho, I've been extremely ECSTATIC because I've gotten the opportunity to move to New York City and live my best Carrie Bradshaw-esque life.... or something like that. 


    A friend of mine (shoutout Wadnes the goat) introduced me to a program called AdFellows x Verizon, where 30 recent college grads from across the country are selected to work at different creative/marketing agencies for 8 months. Live right?! When I heard that I got the job, my heart jumped out of my chest because I have been dreaming of being back in NYC since I interned at Complex 2 years ago, and it's finally happening!

     Anywho, enough about me. Here's some advice for going after your dreams and manifesting your true desires. Your thoughts are powerful. They turn in to words, which turn into actions, so be careful what you wish for and GO AFTER IT. Check out my 4-step guide below... ya know if you want.


1. You have to sacrifice your old life for your new one.

         So what do I mean by this? When you want something totally new and fresh, you're going to have to remove old habits, jobs, and relationships. It might be painful to let go, but it's necessary to receive what you actually want. But trust me, what you rid yourself of, will be replaced with something even greater in your new chapter.        

2. Outgrowing friendships is NORMAL, and sometimes necessary.

          Woooh. This is a tough one that I've been struggling A LOT with over the past year or so. Friends from high school and college may seem like the most important people in your life, but when relationships become toxic, it's important to relinquish them. Although your best friends seem like they have your best interests at heart, remember, everything has a catch. Be mindful of the energy you keep in your circle. Friendships can be harmful too yall!

3. Remain your most authentic self.

          OkThis one might sound cliché, but it's very important. One of the reasons why I got the job is because I was myself in the interview. I was cracking jokes, being my awkward self, while also being confident in my talents and abilities.

         When you are presented an opportunity like a job, a gig, etc. don't try to front like you're something that you're not. I think that's a big issue in our generation. Everyone wants to flex like they have it all figured out. Spoiler ALERT: no one does. We're all broke and trying to figure it out, so don't lose who you are trying to impress others. Just do you boo boo.


4. Boss up or get bossed around.

           This one is self-explanatory. Basically, it means DON'T BE SCURRED. In order to be the true boss that you are, you're going to have to get out of your comfort zone, contact people that you wouldn't usually reach out to, and create opportunities for yourself. I think as millennials, we are used to being handed certain opportunities. But the real world isn't like this. You're going to have to make that phone call, check on that venue, and look up that certification to separate yourself from the rest. 

      I know this might sound scary or overwhelming, but trust me, we'll all have to go through these phases eventually to get to where we really want to be. Just look at it as door-opening growing pains. I'm not saying get these tatted on you or anything, but definitely keep these in mind when you're on your journey. And remember, God got you always. Just breath, and keep going. 


     Thank you Nandi for the amazing photos! Follow her on IG @heymsnandi.