Hey fam, it’s been a while. Ya girl was busy with wrapping up and graduating from my rotational program with Verizon. It was a great experience, to say the very least, if you want to learn more about my experience you can read more here.

But since then, I’ve gotten the chance to spend a few weeks home to decompress before starting my new full time position. While in Maryland, I was asked to participate in a full glam photoshoot with my POPPIN hair stylist, Sara Narh. 

The purpose of the photoshoot was to create promotional material for her hair brand @platinumhairillusions. Sara’s been SLAYING my hair since high school, so of course I excitedly jumped at the opportunity. Platinum Hair Illusions’ hair comes in several different styles including Italian curly (my personal fav), body wave, straight, in different colors as well. And don’t get me started on the wigs, GIRL. 

Make sure you check her out on her Instagram and website as well as her salon, which is located in Bowie, MD. If you are interested in purchasing hair or setting up an appointment, she can be reached both on her website and her Instagram profile @Saraloveslee Photography by: Terrance Nelson.