This week, I had the pleasure of collaborating with a photographer named Luis Dominguez aka "Louie Gwapo." When I asked for the concept, he sent me a few pictures of Aaliyah and I immediately knew the direction he wanted to go in. People tell me I look like her quite often. I don't see it, but hey I'm not complaining. Rest in peace baby girl.

      The shoot was cool. Despite the stares and being catcalled, I really enjoyed getting to know Louie. I asked him a few questions about his brand and the inspiration for his style. And this is what he said:

      "I have been doing photography for a little under a year. I started off taking pictures with someone else's camera and got really positive feedback so I decided to invest in my own. I'm a music producer first (been producing for a little over 5 years).

        I like to consider my self as someone who can do a little bit of everything. I would say my music plays a big part in my photography. I always try to correlate my pictures with sound. I would describe my style as urban/street photography. I get a lot of inspiration from music video directors director X, Hype Williams. In the future you should look out for more videos from me, I'm in the process of putting together some really unique visuals."  

    Check out some the pics below! Don't forget to follow him on IG @Louiegwapo