Are you in desperate need of some clout? Do you find yourself suddenly needing to learn how to become an influencer because that 9-5 isn't quite hittin' right? Well hunnie, this blog post is for you. Here is an infallible "5 Step Guide to Living Your Best Manufactured Cyber-Life"

  1. ALWAYS keep at least one accessory in your outfit from a brand that had zero popularity 3 years ago, but is now skyrocketingly overpriced.
  2. Location is KEY. Find a colorful wall somewhere to take your photos (preferably in a progressively gentrified area).
  3. Do the absolute least in your array of poses. Minimalism is always best. Right?
  4. Place your main focus on aesthetic. Trust me nothing else matters besides how the post looks.
  5. Lastly, be totally different online that what you're actually like in real life. We STAN for a good catfish. 

       If you follow these 5 steps, you'll be a clout guru in NO TIME. Lol just kidding. All jokes aside, I've been wanting to shoot with Nandi, @millimetervisuals for some time now. There's this super adorable mural in Hyattsville Historic District that one of my favorite bloggers, Ann Wynn, and her team painted for the sole purpose of flicking it up. So why not cop some visuals?

      I decided to put my own modern spin on 90's style. You can never go wrong with all black and a contrasting accent color. Since I'm frugal... or at least try to be, I made sure that some of these items were under $20. Outfit details below:

  • Shoes: Public Desire
  • Pants: Fashionnova
  • Top: Discount Dance (this is an old high school dance team uniform lol)
  • Fanny Pack: Urban Outfitters
  • Sunglasses: I forget! But I got 2 pairs (pink and black for $25)

           All photo creds go to the brilliant @Millimetervisuals aka Nandi. Make sure you follow her on IG!