On September 7, 2017, Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty launched her make-up line Fenty Beauty, which hit Sephora shelves across the world. What is so special about Rihanna’s line? Well, Fenty Beauty has forty shades of foundation, which is exceedingly more than the other competing lines. Whether the brand is high-end or extremely affordable, controversy has circulated about the neglect of dark-skinned women being accounted for. 

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          There are many reviews on products that are supposedly inclusive and marketed towards all people, but it is clear that most make-up lines only put two or three dark shades to meet the quota. However, Rihanna took things into her own hands and decided to solve the problem herself.

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         The shades range from “100” being the palest to “490” being the darkest. In Sephora stores everywhere, the darkest shades have been sold out the most. This gives market research and insight into why having dark shades in a makeup line are so important. Hmm.... so much shade yet so little at the same time. 

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         Rihanna’s line focuses on enhancing the natural skin and giving it a sun-kissed glow. She pays attention to the individual varieties of women, and caters to each one with this inclusive line. Many people don't realize that there are more than just red and yellow undertones, there are blue, purple, green, etc. and Rihanna definitely demonstrates her knowledge and passion for this through the plethora of shades. 

      With her affordable prices and extensive color theory repertoire showed through this line, Rihanna is definitely on her way to being a major brand in the beauty industry. Badgal RihRih strikes again. I'm definitely a fan, can't wait for her to drop lipsticks and eyeshadows! *Breathing heavily*

(all photos sourced from the @FentyBeauty Instagram)