Wassup fam?! A few weeks ago, I went on a slight thrifting trip. I wanted to find a few pieces that I could transform into full outfits. I got the inspiration from a picture of Kerrueche that was circulating Twitter. I thought her look was fly as hell and relatively simple to make myself. 

      Up and down the seemingly endless aisles at my local thrift store, I decided to hop into the men's section. I found several oversized hoodies that I thought would be perfect for my project. I copped the first XL navy hoodie I could find, and dipped. 

       To be honest, turning this hoodie into a two-piece was very simple. I literally tried the hoodie on once, measured out where I would cut it and made sure that the bottom half would be long enough to cover my butt (big-booty probs). And taadaaa a new fit!

       The skirt portion of the sweatshirt needed to be taken in a little bit so it could fit my waist, but that was pretty simple. I just used a few safety pins to do the trick. Definitely try to sew if you're handy with a needle and thread.

      All in all, I love this look. It's summer time so I probably won't be sporting this fit unless there's an unusually chilly day. But I think it was a success, and I'm definitely going to be thrifting more to come up with new projects so stay tuned!

      You will also be able to find great pieces at my upcoming pop-up thrift/art event later this summer. Cop trendy fits for the lowwww at PerpLEXd! More details coming soon!

Photo cred: @nxnsx (Nonso).