"Oh you have your own discount code? Okok I see you!" Lol At the beginning of last month, I was asked to partner with Jord Watches for their social media influencer program, so of course I said "ummm YES!" For this partnership, I chose a watch that is sold on Jord Watch's website, I was sent it FOR THE FREE, and I had to do a lifestyle photoset to promote my watch for the upcoming holidays. 

        My review? What do I think? Well... I love it! The watches are custom made and are wood, which is unique and different from watches on the market. It's also surprisingly light weight. You forget it's on your wrist after a while. I also like the brown and neutral tones of the watches. My watch is a medium brown color, so it's easy to pair with any outfit. I would definitely recommend getting a watch.

        Unfortunately, my giveaway is over however you can check out the watches at www.woodwatches.com They have a great selection of watches to choose from, and they would be perfect for any birthday or holiday. 

       Check out my LEXI x JORD watches campaign photos below! Had a great time working with this company. All photos by @shotbychart