Hey guys, what it do. So last week I got the chance to attend a photography workshop at Apple in Williamsburg featuring the amazing Flo Ngala. Gems were DROPPED okay? So I thought I’d share. The workshop was full of creatives and photography enthusiasts. If you don’t know, Flo Ngala is a photographer, born and raised in NYC. During the workshop, she talked about how she got her start as a PAWPIN professional photographer. She’s photographed Cardi B, Gucci Mane, Offset, Fat Joe, and the list goes on.

I appreciated that Flo emphasized the fact that she had been studying photography for over a decade before she got “put on.” In this day and age, virtual “overnight success” plagues social media and our perspectives. She was saying that as long as you’re doing what you’re passionate about and are putting the effort in, the universe will reciprocate and an opportunity will happen. And as a person who has an existential crisis pretty much every week, this advice was helpful and calming.


Flo shared some of her favorite photos that she’s taken throughout her career, some very personal and some of everyday people, but each one told a captivating story. She also gave some photography and editing tips such as using VSCO and the built-in photo editor on the iPhone, and emphasized the importance of lighting, color, and depth of field in portraiture.

Overall, I’m really glad that I went to the workshop, and I left HELLA inspired. It’s always nice seeing young black women doing the damn thing in creative fields. Make sure you check out more of Flo’s work on her instagram and her website. Catch ya l8r.