Hey Fam! Do you like larger-than-life sculptures that make you question how their existence is even humanly possible?? Well, I have somewhere you should check out. I decided to go on a little solo-dolo trip to Renwick Gallery to see the new "No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man" exhibit. When I say it was INCREDIBLE..... I felt like I was in some type of fantasy-immersed dream world.

        On top of that, each part of the exhibit represented the different intersections of human interaction and our inner inhibitions. As hundreds of people walked in and out of the gallery rooms, I immediately felt a rush of togetherness in spite of my lonesome. I've been to Renwick Gallery a few times before for its other attractions, but I've never seen this many people for one single exhibit.


       The pieces had a magnetizing effect on the spectators. Of course the millennials were taking selfies and quick boomerangs to spice up the Instagram story. But the sculptures captivated you and transported you inside the mind of the artists. Themes included the intersectionality between radical inclusion and isolation, radical self-expression and leaving no trace, the list goes on. 

         Although, the sculptures were absolutely gorgeous, many of them were based off of dark themes. The oversized sculpture of the woman with her arms reached and back arched, almost as if she was performing a movement in ballet, was made after the artist, Marco Cochrane's, best friend was sexually assaulted. The sculpture represents "demystifying the female body" and portraying the "feminine energy and power that results when women feel free and safe." Deep right? 


         This exhibit was not only visually enthralling, but it was inspiring to see how the artists were able to portray topics in today's society in such a powerful yet beautiful way. Each room of the exhibit took you into another world. Almost like you were advancing to different level of Super Mario Bros with each doorway you stepped into. 


          It was nice to see people of all ages there to admire these amazing pieces. It's always beautiful to see people of different backgrounds, sizes, shapes, and colors come together for one purpose, even if half the people are only there to take selfies. I definitely got a lot out of the exhibit and will be going back a few times before it closes FOR SURE.

          Make sure you guys take a trip to Renwick Gallery sometime, you won't regret it. The exhibit is open until September. You can learn more about the exhibit on Renwick Gallery's blog, and enjoy the photos and recap video below!