For UMD fashion week, the fashion organization Masterpiece, hosted several events for those interested in the world of all things fly. Events included networking workshops with corporations like Target, an unconventional outfit designing contest, a "Fireside Fashion Chat" and of course the Urban Fleur fashion show finale, which ya girl was asked to host! *sweat drop emoji*

Photo by Corey Hart @TakeThisFlick

Photo by Corey Hart @TakeThisFlick

     It was my first big hosting gig since the "Nostalgia" show, and my nerves were STILL all over the place. It's weird because I can dance in front of 50'000 people in a football arena but speaking in front of 30 people makes me ridiculously anxious. Ima get it together yall!

     All in all, the show was great. It was a little chilly outside, but that didn't stop the amazing vibes and the stunning clothes that were displayed. The pieces were mostly Nigerian and West African-inspired, and the lines consisted of vibrant colors and intricate prints and patterns. I would love to step into some of the dresses that came down the runway! Yasss 

     Thank you UMD Masterpiece for inviting me to host! And check out some of the photos from the show below! Tap the picture to start the slideshow! Photography: Corey Hart @takethisflick Instagram & Twitter. Enjoy!